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Nadine Ellis


Nadine Ellis was born and raised in Queens, NY; in her opinion, one of the most underrated and underrepresented boroughs. "Is Queens in da the house?" should be as well received as any of its other borough brethren...she's looking at you Brooklyn. Nadine attended Fiorello La Guardia H.S. better known as the High School of the Performing Arts in Manhattan. After earning her BA in Communications from N.Y.I.T., she made her way to Los Angeles where she has successfully worked in television and film without loans from family or friends...thus far. She hopes never be to announced for a performance with "Coming to the stage... (Pet name + Street name)."

High School of the Performing Arts, Manhattan
New York Institute of Technology

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Agent: BRS / Gage Talent Agency
Publicist: JCPR, Jessica Cohen